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UKTickling – Punishing Roxy’s Super-Ticklish Bare Soles!
UKTickling – Punishing Roxy’s Super-Ticklish Bare Soles!

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This time, the focus is all on Roxy's super-cute little (UK size 3) bare feet, as she finds herself in the stocks for a short but very sweet tickle session! Roxy's feet get teased and tickled with fingers, feathers and the hairbrush, while she laughs, squirms and occasionally begs. Her hands are free and she flails around in the chair, often reaching out to try and cover her soles - especially when the brush is used! She can almost get her little feet out of the stocks and she tries a couple of times but doesn't quite manage to get away! The toe-ties are used to hold her feet in place as the feather teases in between her toes and the brush scrubs her soles. Roxy protests and laughs but looks defeated by the end ...a very cute scene!
Length: 6:28
Resolution: 1920x1080


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