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UKTickling – Punishing Roxee’s Insanely Ticklish Bare Soles!
UKTickling – Punishing Roxee’s Insanely Ticklish Bare Soles!

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Sexy adult star Roxee Couture is back, with her amazing bare soles suspended for an intense tickle session. Roxee's super-long toes and wrinkled soles are also super-sensitive, and she goes nuts as they get thoroughly tormented in this one! Looking hot in a shimmery gold dress, Roxee has her arms free with her barefeet cuffed above her. She gets more ticklish with every visit, and this time her feet are unbearably ticklish as even the slightest touch has her cracking up! She's laughing like crazy in no time at all as her soles and toes get some seriously mean tickling. Roxee not only has a dirty laugh, but a dirty mouth also as she swears constantly in between the helpless giggles! Even the feather drives her crazy but when the brush comes out, she's in complete hysterics, cackling and squealing with laughter as she tries to pull away. It only gets more intense as her amazing soles are lotioned up and then tickled mercilessly once more. When the brush comes out again, she totally loses it and eventually manages to slide out of the cuffs...she gets a surprise though when I grab her ankles and carry on tickling as she goes totally nuts! Back in the restraints, the punishment continues as her soles get lotioned again and then tickled with fingers and brushes, followed by the electric toothbrush in between her long toes. Roxee is totally hysterical again, squealing and swearing until the end where she gets a little tickling on her unbound torso too! Roxee jerks and squirms as her body is poked and tickled all over - her boobs are exposed and turn out to be extremely ticklish in this position too! A cute and crazy scene with this amazing girl!
Length: 11:04
Resolution: 1920x1080


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