UKTickling – Lara’s Bare Soles Can’t Handle It!
UKTickling – Lara’s Bare Soles Can’t Handle It!

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Insanely ticklish Lara Lee returns and puts her hyper-sensitive bare soles up for some more punishment! Lara is not only ridiculously ticklish but she hates it - with a passion! With her feet cuffed to the bull and her bare soles exposed, she really struggles to get through this one. Her feet are gently teased with fingers and feathers, before introducing a comb and then hairbrush. Lara can't handle any of it as she screams, shrieks, swears and laughs hysterically whilst her body jerks frantically as though she's receiving electric shocks! Lara has to catch her breath in between tickles as she looks like she's going to hyperventilate at's an extreme experience to say the least! Baby lotion is added at the end and her slippery soles are tickled with fingers and the brush again while Lara begs, pleads and curses. A crazy scene and we didn't even try to tickle her body! This one includes a couple of mins free BTS footage at the start, as we realised her soles needed a clean after walking bare foot. They get soaped up and scrubbed while she's already bound to the bench, leading to some extra tickles along the way!
Length: 11:14
Resolution: 1920x1080


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