UKTickling – Insanely Ticklish Daisy’s First Time In The Stocks!
UKTickling – Insanely Ticklish Daisy’s First Time In The Stocks!

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Stunning newcomer Daisy Dolly makes her debut as she gets a tickle session in the stocks with some wild results! Daisy is not only super-cute but she is also ridiculously ticklish from head to toe! Her first scene is crazy and exhausting as she goes absolutely nuts from the word go! Wearing a cute little outfit with sheer pantyhose and heels, Daisy goes into the stocks with her arms cuffed overhead. She is very apprehensive at the start - and with good reason! She cracks up as soon as her feet are touched and she's soon shrieking and squealing with laughter as the heels come off and her nylon soles are tickled. Daisy's feet are crazy-ticklish and she struggles desperately as they are tickled with fingers and then the brush. Her body is equally bad though and she goes nuts as her exposed belly, sides and armpits are tickled too...Daisy doesn't even have a ticklish spot, she's just ticklish everywhere! Daisy's top comes up to expose her amazing boobs as her underarms and ribs get some torturous tickling before returning to her feet for the final minutes. Her amazing nylon soles get a full workout with fingers, hairbrush and then the electric toothbrush which predictably, has her jumping and howling with laughter. The pantyhose are ripped in the final moments for some bare foot tickling too, with the toothbrush getting right between her toes - we didn't even need to switch it on at this point as even the lightest touch on her bare toes has her going mad! A very intense debut for this insanely ticklish newcomer. You'll love her!
Length: 12:48
Resolution: 1920x1080


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