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UKTickling – Hyper-Ticklish Daisy Bound, Gagged & Tickled Out Of Her Mind!
UKTickling – Hyper-Ticklish Daisy Bound, Gagged & Tickled Out Of Her Mind!

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Insanely ticklish Daisy Dolly is back for an extreme tickle session that sees her going completely out of her mind. Daisy is super-ticklish from head to toe and she is loud! We gag her from the start of this one as she is stretched out on her back, cuffed and strapped to the table for a full body tickle workout that she won't forget! Daisy's body looks hot in a tight green top, matching panties, sheer pantyhose and heels. She starts going crazy as soon as her nylon feet are touched and it is just the beginning! The shoes come off and Daisy squeals and shrieks with laughter - even through the ballgag! Her sheer soles are unbearably ticklish and she can't handle it at all. It only gets worse as the tickling moves up her body and her thighs and waist are tormented too. Her exposed armpits are more ticklish than ever in this position and Daisy jerks and struggles so hard, the table shakes! After tickling all over, her upperbody gets some very intense tickling that drives her crazy. Daisy thrashes wildly, trying to get away as her bare midriff, belly and armpits are tickled relentlessly. Her top is pulled up to expose her amazing breasts as the body torment continues and Daisy struggles like a wildcat! She is already totally exhausted but there's a lot more to come as her feet get some intense tickling in the remaining minutes. She is hysterical once again as her sensitive nylon soles are tickled with fingers and the brush, which Daisy really cannot deal with. We then add some baby oil to her nylon feet and she really loses it! Ripping the pantyhose, her slippery bare soles and toes get thoroughly tickled too. The hairbrush proves way too much and poor Daisy is completely ruined by the end of this one. Don't feel too sorry for her though, because Daisy loves tickling other people and when the tables are turned she is one of the meanest ticklers around this space!
Length: 11:46
Resolution: 1920x1080


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