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UKTickling – Ayla’s Hot Body Is Way Too Ticklish!
UKTickling – Ayla’s Hot Body Is Way Too Ticklish!

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Asian hottie Ayla Sky is not only our longest running model but also one of the most (if not the most!) ticklish! Ayla's body is so ticklish that she hates being fully exposed and she can never stand intense or prolonged body tickling. She pushed herself hard to do this clip though, as she gets stripped naked for a standing body tickle from which she cannot get away at all! Ayla's petite body is insanely hot and just unbearably ticklish everywhere. She gets a short but intense full body tickle all over her sides, armpits, belly, butt, hips, nipples...everywhere! She laughs, begs, pleads and squeals. At times it really is too much but she manages to get through - the tickling on her armpits and nipples sends her right over the edge though! If you like seeing Ayla getting a very intense workout in one of her worst positions, then you'll love this. Naturally she wanted to get some payback afterwards - and she did!
Length: 6:49
Resolution: 1920x1080


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