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TicklingIsFun – Stefania Mafra Spread Eagle and Tickle Tortured
TicklingIsFun – Stefania Mafra Spread Eagle and Tickle Tortured

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Now it's time to try and secure Stefania a bit more. We move to the bedroom and her tie down, completely nude, for some nice intense tickling treatment. We had the straps secured as tightly as safely possible, and she was still able to squirm a lot with the treatment she was put through. LB even has to sit on her thighs in order to limit her movement, she has no choice but to just laugh, scream and endure it. Several parts of this clip is not for the faint of heart, she is truly put through some major tickle torment here. With how loud she got at times, we were worried that there would be a knock at the door. At one point we even try to do a little sensory deprivation with a blind fold and earmuffs. However it tickles her so bad that the earmuffs don't stay over her ears, so she ends up just blindfolded.
Length: 12:22
Resolution: 1440x1080


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