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TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Tickling night for the fly attendant
TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Tickling night for the fly attendant

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Lilly is a flight attendant getting to her hotel room before her next flight in the morning, the hotel was full but they agreed for her to share a room and rest on a mattress on the floor, Lilly walks into the bedroom and gets depressed for bed and goes to rest on the mattress on the floor, and starts to snore loudly Valentina enters the hotel room but can hear snoring coming from the bedroom and she notices somebody else is napping in her bedroom, she doesn't seem to mind this, she gets dressed for bed but before she goes to rest she tickles Lilly's feet for a while seeing if her feet are ticklish while she snores, trying to find her tickle spots and then goes to rest. Lilly wakes up because she can smell the scent of sweat coming form Valentina's feet and she starts tickling her feet with her fingers, Valentina snores the entire time, rubbing her feet together, wiggling her toes, flexing and scrunching up her feet and rest talking, Lilly uses different tickle tools like feathers, toothbrush, hairbrush, and paintbrush, Lilly holds Valentina's feet in place and bending her toes backwards so can't move them, eventually Valentina wakes up but tries not to giggle biting her lip and the covers, but she eventually can't take more tickling and starts laughing hysterically, and Lilly tickles her a little bit more because she thinks it's hilarious how ticklish her feet are, Lilly agrees tos top tickling Valentina if she lets her rest in the bed and Valentina has to agree because she can't handle anymore tickles. They change places so Lilly rests in the bed and puts on a pair of socks and tells Valentina not to tickle her while she rests and Valentina goes to rest on the mattress on the floor, Valentina waits until Lilly starts snoring loudly and then lift up the covers and starts tickling Lilly's socked feet while she snores, and she eventually scratches off her sock so you can see her heel, Valentina removes the socks bit by bit first tickling the heel, then the sole and finally the toes, and then finally getting to tickle Lilly's sweaty bare feet, Valentina then glides a feather sensually up and down the sole and in between the toes while holding her foot in place and watching as Lilly's foot squirms in her grip trying to get away from the tickles but in vain , then using two feathers, then a toothbrush, paintbrush and oiling up one foot and using a hairbrush seeing which foot is more ticklish the one with oil or without oil, while Lilly snores the entire time, rubbing her feet together, flexing her feet and scrunching up her feet and spreading and wiggling her toes, Lilly slowly wakes up and can feel the tickles on her feet and realizes Valentina is tickling her feet and Lilly tries to resist the tickling biting her lip… Valentina continues until Lilly promises to give Valentina a free plane ticklet, Lilly agrees They both go to rest in the bed and starts to snore with their feet sticking out from the covers and after a while the hotel manager enters the bedroom and starts tickling their sweaty bare feet for the rest of the night with a feather and fingers
Length: 43:28
Resolution: 1920x1080


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