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TickleTorture – Tickle Nail
TickleTorture – Tickle Nail

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It's been a long time since Elijah has been tickled. Today, his feet will meet the fate you have been waiting for as Charlee has his ankles tied down with rope to the ottoman. She begins by tickling his socked feet. After teasing and tickling him for a minute or so, she removes his tight socks, revealing his size 10.5 soft soles and tickles him barefoot. Charlee has one fingernail that is very strong and sharp. She uses this to her advantage to tickle his feet mercilessly while he laughs and screams. Charlee uses a long black feather up and down his soles and in between his toes. She doesn't get as much of a reaction from the feather as she did with her fingers so she finishes him off using her fingers and that one tickle nail.
Length: 5:45
Resolution: 1080x1920


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