TickleIntensive – Vicious to Valentina
TickleIntensive – Vicious to Valentina

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Age: 35 Foot Size: 7.5 EXTREME NONSTOP GANG TICKLING. NO SAFEWORD. NO STOPPING. TOPLESS NUDITY. CUSTOM REQUEST. Extremely ticklish porn star Carmen Valentina is wrapped and strapped to the bed for a vicious nonstop gang tickling that’s going to leave her gasping, coughing, and on the verge of TEARS. Courtney Cummz, Sydney Paige, and Nathalia subject Carmen to a VICIOUS gang tickling she won’t soon forget. They use all 30 of their long nails to tickle her toetied feet and nude upperbody, making Carmen squeal with surprise and burst into peals of wild uncontrollable laughter. Fingernails, dual combs, dual pinwheels, and dual brushes are used to SADISTICALLY TICKLE HER WRINKLED SOLES AND SENSITIVE TOES, DRIVING HER CRAZY! She bounces up and down on the bed, screaming with hysterical laughter. “NO, NO, STOP IT! STOP – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” screams Carmen as her bare soles are RAKED by 30 fingernails at once! The maddening torment gets worse when the girls attack Carmen’s feet and upperbody AT THE SAME TIME! They viciously tickle her armpits, stomach, TITS, ribs, bellybutton, hips, and feet until she’s a screaming hysterical mess! They even LICK HER NIPPLES AND TICKLE HER AT THE SAME, driving her nuts with arousal and tickling! She begs desperately for the tickling to stop but she only gets more punishment! THE GIRLS CONCENTRATE ON HER WORST SPOTS, making an exhausted Carmen scream and struggle with renewed energy, the intense tickling causing her to shriek with pure hysteria! Carmen’s gasping for air and her voice is literally hoarse from the nonstop laughter, but the girls don’t care, and they gang her tickle without a trace of mercy until she’s been reduced to a HYSTERICAL, TEARY-EYED MESS!
Length: 10:56
Resolution: 1920x1080


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