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TickleIntensive – ARE YOU COMMITTED
TickleIntensive – ARE YOU COMMITTED

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POLITICAL TICKLE . BRUTAL NON-STOP TICKLING. ASIAN VICTIM. CHANGE YOUR VOTE OR SUFFER. AGE: 21 FOOT SIZE: 9.5 Bondage Prep: A ticklish Biden supporter is tied to the bed spread eagle for a gang tickling that only stops once she changes her vote! Ticklish Korean hottie Onyx Kim is a true-blue Biden girl and no one’s going to change her mind – but Trump gals Courtney Cummings, Kitty Quinn, and Ari Parker know just how to get a young and sensitive girl to change her vote – GANG TICKLING! They converge on the restrained hottie and proceed to viciously tickle her ridiculously sensitive feet and upperbody at the same time, spidering their nails in her arches and squeezing her ribs, Onyx to burst into peals of hysterical laughter!! The girls hone in on her most sensitive areas and use their fingernails, combs, and DUAL HAIRBRUSHES to drive Onyx wild! She shakes and screams uncontrollably as the gang tickling goes on and on without respite! The girls even subject Onyx to SNIFFING AND TICKLING!! On the rare occasions Onyx is allowed to catch her breath, she begs the girls to stop but she refuses to change her vote, so they tickle even her even HARDER! Onyx get completely destroyed in this scene – she’s reduced to a gasping, sweaty wreck – but will it be enough to CHANGE HER VOTE?? FIND OUT! Brutal non-stop gang tickling.
Length: 10:46
Resolution: 1920x1080


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