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TheTickleRoom – Tickle The Therapist Pt 2 ” in Therapy”
TheTickleRoom – Tickle The Therapist Pt 2 ” in Therapy”

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Dr. Mias worst nightmare is coming true. She has been taken by the "Tickle Doctor". The one who uses experience with tickling to change their minds. When the young student came and told him of Dr. Mia being tied up he knew it was Ms. Qing but did not care. He was tired of Dr. Mia always flaunting her soles around the office. Nylons and long toes stretched all the time, he wanted to torment her, make those feet bare and teach her a lesson. Well she would be taught one of the hardest lessons of all. The Tickle Doctor has poor Dr. Mia tied tight, toes bound, straight jacket, and Gagged while blindfolded. She is unable to fight as he has her sensitive feet all for his own. She is stuck as he begins. Her feet are tickled with fingers to start as she attempts to scream through the gag for mercy. But as continues to observe and administer he gets the idea of adding Ms. Qing to the mix as his assistant. Poor Dr. Mia is a screaming mess drooling through her gag fighting as they tickle her relentlessly.
Length: 7:28
Resolution: 1920x1080


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