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TheTickleRoom – Serenitys First Upperbody!
TheTickleRoom – Serenitys First Upperbody!

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Serenity is so sweet but also VERY ticklish. Now her feet were literally hell for her so its interesting to see how she will handle upperbody. Now I will say she handles it VERY well compared to her feet and its almost kind of sexy how she moan giggles from her tummy being tickled. This is all tummy and armpits and you can tell she is far from used to this position and how vulnerable she feels. She is so sensitive that I do not really dig to make her laugh but lightly drag my fingers. This is not a hysterical insane tickle but for those who like giggling and someone fighting to hold it in and losing this one is for you!
Length: 5:52
Resolution: 1920x1080


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