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TheTickleRoom – Paris Gets Hogtied! “DO NOT LICK MY FEET!!”
TheTickleRoom – Paris Gets Hogtied! “DO NOT LICK MY FEET!!”

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Another flash back week clip! Back again we have the track star beauty Paris and her size 7.5 feet! For those new to Paris she is INSANELY ticklish and her feet are almost painfully sensitive. However Paris is STRONG. As a top level track star she rips through bondage EASILY. This makes things REALLY hard when TICKLING her. Well thats when a fan got a custom for a hogtie! Now, I initially tied Paris tight and said to REALLY try to get out. She ripped the rope straight out. So I tied her EVEN TIGHTER. For the first time Paris said she really could not move (this would later be not true at all lol). She starts in socks and even then shes already laughing, fighting, and hating it all. Well when the socks come off poor Paris is really fighting. I use the electric toothbrush and with her it ACTUALLY works. The brush makes her hysterical but the MOMENT I try and spread her toes for lickling she LOSES IT. It tickles her BAD and she hates her feet licked. She actually lands a solid kick on me. By the end poor Paris has her makeup permanently imprinted on the sheets lol. Don't worry after the shoot she actually chased me for about 5 minutes around my hotel before I bought her food and we chilled. To this day she says for foot worship she would need to be insanely restrained so she doesnt kick me again by accident lmfao. Apparently she almost knocked her ex out with it once when he tried.
Length: 34:15
Resolution: 1920x1080


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