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TheTickleRoom – Mei Meis Hyper Sensitive Upperbody
TheTickleRoom – Mei Meis Hyper Sensitive Upperbody

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Mei Mei is super ticklish on her feet but my Ler senses were tingling and all I could think was.....her upperbody is going to be BAD. I was correct as the moment I touch her thighs she loses her mind instantly safewording and telling me that she would punch me if she were not tied up. Then its tummy time as I lightly tickle her stomach. She has a slight issue with her ribs from a severe cough so I am sorry but I do not really go crazy with the tickling here just enough to get her to laugh in hard bursts and see where she is sensitive. BUT she is HYPER sensitive.....everywhere. So when I tickle her stomach lightly she tenses up and I realize I need to make her BURST in laughter to really get a solid reaction without too much pain. So I go HARD on her sides and she INSTANTLY bursts into laughter. I realize I have been neglecting a spot though......her armpits. The MOMENT I touch them she is pulling away fighting her laugh. So I go in and she BLOWS UP with laughter 'AHAHAHAHA OH MY AHAHAHA GODAGHAHAHAAHA' This was a solid moment but I let her off easy. She is already nervous since she is healed and I told her I expect a few fans to get some REALLY intense hellish upperbody customs of her.
Length: 6:35.
Resolution: 1920x1080


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