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TheTickleRoom – Laylas Orgasmic Gang Tickle!
TheTickleRoom – Laylas Orgasmic Gang Tickle!

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So as all of you know Layla is TERRIFIED of the vibrator. It brings out a VERY different in her. Well a fan wanted to see if he could get her to cum in a video. She was TERRIFIED reading the script. The fan put ALL the pennies he could into the video and even got Cherry and Tiffany and involved. 2 of my best and most EVIL ticklers. I also try out some new bondage tying her toes individually while she is spread. This sucks for poor Layla because Tiffany and Cherry are ALL over her toes with their tongues and also will NOT stop using tools on her. Layla is literally a moaning mess in this video all over the place unable to really keep herself together. This is a SEXY video with Layla VERY horny and frustrated by the end of the video.
Length: 18:22
Resolution: 1920x1080


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