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TheTickleRoom – Jei Jeis Armpit and Tummy Tickle!
TheTickleRoom – Jei Jeis Armpit and Tummy Tickle!

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So we have the beautiful Jei Jei and its time for the upperbody tickle. Now I start slow and nice since Jei Jei is thicc but athletic at the same time so shes strong and I want to find the right soft spots. I try the belly and do not really get any belly button giggles (sorry belly fans) but when I get her ribs? Jackpot. She loses it as Mei Mei explains she like being on the other side a lot. But then I try the belly button again with more finger and BAM shes a giggling mess going "I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THIS". Then its armpits time. She immediately bucks fighting so I go up to hold them down and her face is HILARIOUS. Its pure terror as I hold the elbows down. I start light and she is already hysterical. I decide to sing and be a bit more of a menace and she is losing it. Thats when me and Mei Mei tag team it up and you can tell Jei Jei has NEVER laughed this hard as she is laughing so bad she cannot breathe and safewords.
Length: 5:51
Resolution: 1920x1080


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