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TheBKTickler – A Surprise For An Early Guest – Part 1
TheBKTickler – A Surprise For An Early Guest – Part 1

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It’s Halloween. Envy was throwing a party. And Stephanie, dressed as Pocahontas, was the first to show up. Safe to say, she was very early to the party. So envy had to come up with a way to entertain her before the other guest to arrive. And envy was getting an “urge” and a thought came across envy’s mind wondering if Stephanie is ticklish. She was about to find. Envy pitched an idea to try, and surprisingly, Stephanie agreed to do it. Envy had a pair of foot stocks and Stephanie put her feet right in them. I don’t know if she thought if this was some sort of game that she wanted her to try out for the party, but she still went along with. At first she found it a little weird that envy started tickling her feet, but then once it started, she didn’t mind. Maybe she has a thing for tickling as well. All she knows is that she really found out how ticklish she really. And Envy was thrilled to see how ticklish she is. She even whipped out some tools to intensify the fun. You think Stephanie learned the hard way that it’s a good idea to be fashionably late to a party ? Find out
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