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SolleticoTickling – Gaia Malagoli the Go player
SolleticoTickling – Gaia Malagoli the Go player

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Gaia Malagoli is many things: as a model, has worked, as an example, with Gisy Productions (clips4sale studio numbers 45799 and 61921) but she plays Go too, the ancient Chinese chess, and the tickler would like to be her apprentice. But she considers him a very failing apprentice and refuses his request. So, the tickler tries to use tickling to convince her. With many different tools, which numerosity amazes Gaia, he tickles Gaia in every point comes to his mind, from ear to feet and coming back, passing through even the boobs cleavage, using his hands or instruments. Gaia is very ticklish and every attempt of the tickler succeeds immediately into making her laugh. But Gaia resists and, during all the time she is being tickled, keeps on kidding her torturer about his failing abilities: her comments are very funny and the tickler seems submitted to her mockeries. Will he convince her or not?
Length: 18:07
Resolution: 1920x1080


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