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SilverCherry – Bizarre New Tickle Therapy 2 – Time to Suffer
SilverCherry – Bizarre New Tickle Therapy 2 – Time to Suffer

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It's time to move to phase 2 of Dacey's mood enhancing treatment. Except, things are about to get a little more serious. Now, Dacey has been stripped of most of her clothing is bound tightly to the bed in the treatment room. This is where Nurse Ama is going to administer a very ruthless tickling on her bound and helpless patient. Nurse Ama is rather sadistic as she makes Dacey suffer through the hard tickling. But it's all for Dacey's own good. Ama focuses the majority of the tickling on Dacey's naked upperbody. Her sensitive, ticklish torso is thoroughly worked over. Dacey twists and turns and thrashes against the heavy duty restraints. I bet Dacey never imagined that she was going to be restrained and mercilessly tickled when she checked herself in to this weird treatment center!
Length: 11:12
Resolution: 1920x1080


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