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RomyFetish – Melle enjoys her new “tickle chair” with her slave
RomyFetish – Melle enjoys her new “tickle chair” with her slave

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Today Melle wants to experiment a new furniture she just received : a tickle chair and she is willing to punish her slave Romy on it. First of all, she ties her laying under the chair, her feet up, and ankles tied separately. Romy wears a ballgag so she can’t talk, and a leash like a good little slave. Melle sits on the chair, remove her slave’s ballerinas, and start to tickle her feet. Romy whine and laughs, but she can’t escape at all the new tickle chair. Then, Melle starts to play with a candle under her feet, pouring hot way on her sweaty soles. Melle knows that Romy’s feet are sweaty and stinky, so she decides to make her smell the inside of her shoes, then she ties the ballerina on her head so her nose is obliged to smell the nasty feet. It’s now time for some slapping under the soles with a whip, and Melle is making it painful. Romy begs and drool with her ballgag still inside her mouth. To finish, Melle tickles her feet again with her sharp nails, and then she takes off her boots since she feels too hot in it, and make Romy smell her sweaty feet.
Length: 11:59
Resolution: 1920x1080


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