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RomyFetish – Friends tickle moment in HogTied
RomyFetish – Friends tickle moment in HogTied

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Melle convinced her friend Romy to let herself be tied up to play tickle. Little reassured because she is ticklish, she agrees, as long as Melle stops as soon as she asks her to. Delighted, Melle takes off Romy's sneakers, and first tickles her feet through her sweaty socks with her long nails. Then she takes Romy's socks off, and plays for a long time with her bare feet (paintbrush and fingernails). Her ticklish friend moves too much, to she tied her big toes together. Romy is very ticklish... Maybe a little too much because since after a few minutes of play, she begs Melle to stop. But the sadistic friend doesn't intend to honor her promise, and gags her friend with one of her socks and some tape. Romy protests, and Melle tells her that she takes much more pleasure in tickling her victims when they are at her mercy... with the electric toothbrush and the hairbrush as accessories. What should have been a simple game turns into a nightmare for poor Romy...
Length: 11:37
Resolution: 1920x1080


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