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RFStudioProduction – It’s Time For Long Sexy Tickling
RFStudioProduction – It’s Time For Long Sexy Tickling

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Name: Daria Age: 23 y.o. Height: 170 cm Character: sexy and serious Shoe size: 39 (9,5 US) Daria is a successful and serious girl with a sexy figure and shapely legs. When she began to undress, I saw her beautiful nipples, they were already swollen from the cold. Her long toes are beckoned to tickle them. I decided to make a long tickling with her. I gave her an unusual position, raised her legs higher and fixing them. She was lying on the couch with raised legs and with tied hands. Introduction - I'm warming her naked body with light tickling. I tried to find her weak spots. This was the area under the breasts (although she began to ask me to tickle her feet, I'm not in a hurry). 'Why are you so serious? Now the fun starts!' ... The next part - tickling with oil. I rubbed her body with oil and tickled her beautiful body with vibrating movements. Then I finally tried to tickle her feet. They were tender and delicate, and beautiful toes twitched from the touches. The third part - the intense tickling her armpits, sides, and abdomen, with the oil and a simple glove. Dasha already requested to stop the but I her even more The last part - tickling her sexy feet. I tickled each toe, between them and both feet together. It seems her feet is an erogenous zone.
Length: 21:59
Resolution: 1920x1080


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