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RFStudioProduction – Christmas Ticklish Twister – Confrontation among Four girls – Part 1
RFStudioProduction – Christmas Ticklish Twister – Confrontation among Four girls – Part 1

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Right on time! In the new video, four girls will be participating in a Christmas ticklish Twister. There are a total of four participants, one of whom assumes the role of the host: Anna Luna , Lydia , Rebekka , and the new model Suta . Anna Luna takes on the role of the host. To begin, she has everyone sit on the floor, and for a warm-up, she tickles their bare feet. Of course, Lydia is the most ticklish, and Rebekka is also quite cute in her ticklishness. The new model is moderately adept at handling ticklish situations. In the first round, the girls position their hands and feet on the Twister mat. The pose isn't very comfortable, and in this position, Anna Luna tickles each of them in turn, but Rebekka can't withstand it. She sits on a leather mat, and they tie her down. When she's ready, all three girls tickle Rebekka from different sides. They work on the girl's sides and stomach, then move on to her beautiful feet. Rebekka bursts into laughter. Towards the end, all three girls mercilessly tickle Rebekka, concluding the tickling round. Rebekka takes the lead and suggests the girls start the second round. After arranging themselves on the Twister mat, Rebekka starts by tickling Lydia, and she almost immediately falls. After that, Lydia and Rebekka continue tickling the other girls a bit more. In the second round, Lydia is tied up just like Rebekka, and the girls tickle the girl who is bursting into laughter. Lydia laughs hysterically. After a lively round, the girls pounce on Lydia again, tickling her vigorously and then letting her go.
Length: 30:16
Resolution: 1920x1080


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