RFStudioProduction – Anything but this! Showy tickling for Wonder-Kristy
RFStudioProduction – Anything but this! Showy tickling for Wonder-Kristy

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Kristy in a Wonder Woman costume is tied to a T-shaped device and her legs are stretched forward and secured. Kristy doesn't need an introduction, and her reaction is one of the most emotional and sexual among all superheroes :-) I will tickle Kristy in exposed areas. My focus will be on her armpits in particular - she is terribly ticklish there. Kristy squeals and giggles from the ticklish grip. Later, I remove her shoes and tie her to a bench and tickle her feet with clawed gloves. Then I sit behind the girl and bite into her armpit hollows. Kristy screams and laughs loudly, and he covers her mouth with his hand. She looks even hotter. Then I lower Kristy into a horizontal position. I lift her skirt and expose her flat, beautiful belly and start biting it slightly. Her laughter after each bite is very arousing. And I tickle her stomach as long as possible. Later, you will see the tickling in POV, aimed at Kristy's stomach - it is covered in cubes from tension. And Kristy is already sweating. I tickle her abs and armpits and enjoy her emotions. "Anything but this!" - Kristy screamed and tried to move her waist away from me. But I started pressing on the lower part of her waist and biting her again and again.
Length: 24:21
Resolution: 1920x1080


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