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RFStudioProduction – A princess fell victim to laugh – Ticklish inquisition for two girls in a dungeon
RFStudioProduction – A princess fell victim to laugh – Ticklish inquisition for two girls in a dungeon

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Agata is led blindfolded through a dungeon. She didn't understand what is happening, but she is ready for anything. A man led her to a cross and lifted her hands up. He started tickling Agata's topless body, admiring her big breasts. Then he chained her hands and began to tickle her sides and belly more strongly from behind. He added oil to her body and rubbed it, and then began to slide his fingers over the oily body, feeling Agata laughing and her tits shaking. Then he took large feathers and slowly tickled her armpits. He put a ballgag in her mouth and tickled her a little more before he left her alone. While the Master was away, a stranger in a dark robe entered the dungeon. She came closer to Agata... She was curious about why the girl was laughing so loud. She took off her hood, revealing her pretty, beautiful face. She understood that the girl was tickled and tormented this way and also wanted to tickle the poor girl. She began to slide her nails over Agata's body and enjoyed her laugh. She took feathers and also tickled the girl with them. She tickled Agata's nipples and breasts while watching her get turned on... After a while, the Master returned, "Who are you?" "I am a princess," answered the stranger. "Can you prove it?", asked the man. The beautiful princess Alsu took off her cape, remaining in an oriental dress. The Master was happy to see such a guest here, "What did you like about my dungeon?" "I would like to be tickled the same way... It turns me on," the princess admitted. "What a pleasant surprise", the Master thought and answered, "We can arrange that." He took Alsu to another device and secured her with a rope and chains, throwing her arms back, and placing her legs in stocks behind. Then he called Agata, who was his slave, to help him and watch. He began to tickle Alsu's beautiful body from behind. And then he took off her bra and began to tickle her tanned breasts and nipples. Agata stood and was excited by such a sight. The Master asked to pour oil on Alsu's body. He tickled Alsu even more. Later, he asked Agata to tickle the princess. Agata ran over Alsu's ticklish ribs with her sharp nails. Alsu laughed and prayed to stop, but she wanted to be tickled even more. Agata settled down at her feet and tickled her soles. Alsu enjoyed that?, screaming through the laughter, "I want it even more!" But will they continue?..
Length: 25:23
Resolution: 1920x1080


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