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RandomSoleEncounters – Ticklish Girl From Tinder – Tickling On The First Date!
RandomSoleEncounters – Ticklish Girl From Tinder – Tickling On The First Date!
RandomSoleEncounters – Ticklish Girl From Tinder – Tickling On The First Date!
NOTE:There is some brief microphone interference at the start of the clip but it quiets down once the tickling starts. Yes, I use Tinder, don't judge me (lol).  After connecting with Bree (24-year-old bartender/server with size 7 - 7.5 feet), we chatted for a few days and decided to go out that weekend.   At this point, Bree knew nothing about the fetish videos I make.  Not a good idea to lead with that when meeting someone! Over the course of the night we really hit it off.  Conversation turned from friendly "getting to know you" type stuff to more flirtatious.  I found out quickly that Bree is very open minded and not uptight at all.  She is an extremely confident woman and flat out asked me just how adventurous I was sexually.  Well, that was more than an invitation to let her know! When I told her I shoot foot and tickling fetish clips she thought I was joking.   I had to pull up some clips on my phone and show her before she believed me.   She told me how she's tied up a few ex's before and "had her way" with them.  I asked if she had ever been tied up before and she told me that she is more dominant and likes to be in control.    Deep into the night and a few drinks in I asked if she would let me test tickle her sometime.   She told me she didn't think she was ticklish (always the famous last words of ticklees) but would be down to try it.   "Let's go!" I said, half joking and half serious.   Bree smirked and said "Okay!"  And with that we took an Uber (don't drink and drive guys) to my studio for some late night, first date tickling!   I get Bree locked in the stocks with her shoes on to start.  I take them off and start with a feather which tickles to her surprise, she says it's a mix of ticklishness and "feels good too".   It's always a good sign when the feather tickles.   Then, I use my fingers and you get a genuine surprised reaction from Bree.  Turns out her feet are ticklish!  She has a great laugh too!   Bree is most ticklish around her toes.  I use a feather, fingers, oiled up soles, the hairbrush and electric flosser to tickle Bree.   This was a longer tickling session as I totally lost track of time having so much fun tickling her!   Great genuine ticklish reactions from a total amateur, light finger tip tickling under her toes really gets to Bree, once I figure that out I really go for it!    When we were done Bree told me; "I would love to tickle some hot girls sometime." We'll see if we can make that happen!
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