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RandomSoleEncounters – Randie’s Ticklish Workout
RandomSoleEncounters – Randie’s Ticklish Workout
RandomSoleEncounters – Randie’s Ticklish Workout
Randie replies to an ad to test out some brand new, innovative, workout equipment. She's really into fitness and always looking for new ways to exercise and thought this would be really fun. She arrives in her workout gear and ready to break a sweat. She has her ankles strapped securely into the "workout machine" but doesn't quite understand how this is going to be a good workout. Once her ankles are secured, her sneakers are removed then her white socks. Randie is even more confused at this point. Then the workout begins.... The inventor of this innovative new workout applies oils to her soles and reassures her it's all part of the workout and she'll see it's benefits soon enough. With that he begins to use a hairbrush on poor Randie's soles that send her into immediate laughter. Her heart beings to race and she breaks into a sweat as the hairbrush glides up and down her tender soles. The inventor of this devious exercise routine uses two different brushes, fingers and an electric flosser to improve Randie's cardio! He makes sure to give her the workout of her life until Randie begs for him to stop!!!!
Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920x1080, 15432 kbps
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Duration: 7:53.673
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