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RandomSoleEncounters – Geek Girl June’s 1st Foot Tickle!
RandomSoleEncounters – Geek Girl June’s 1st Foot Tickle!

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June is a video editor and graphic designer that works freelance for my mainstream business. She is a cool, quirky, alternative-type geek girl. She loves anime, manga, and video games. My first clip with her was involving foot worship. You can see that clip here: June's Unexpected First Foot Worship (Lickle Tickle) During her foot worship, I found out that her feet were very ticklish when I licked them! After seeing the way she reacted to just light foot licking I just had to see how she would react to real foot tickling. June hurt her left ankle a few days prior so I had to be careful with her left foot. But that didn't take away from her ticklishness! June is a pretty ticklish girl and she's never been tickled like this before. A total new experience for her. She is wearing her favorite boots but had no socks on. She told me because her ankle was sore putting on socks was uncomfortable. Her feet were extra sweaty and soft which only made her soles more ticklish. Bad luck for her! June is a "snorter" when he laughs. She also can't seem to sit still when she's tickled, so it's a good thing I have her ankles strapped down! She goes through all the phases of laughter; giggling, trying to hold it in, snorting, and laughing out loud when it gets too intense for her! The brushes really have a good effect on her tender soles! But I make sure to use all your favorite tools and techniques to gauge what works best and gets June really laughing. After, June told me it was fun but also not fun. Whatever that means!
Length: 6:44
Resolution: 1920x1080


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