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OrgasmAbuse – No More
OrgasmAbuse – No More
OrgasmAbuse – No More
OrgasmAbuse – No More
OrgasmAbuse – No More

Roxanne has just turned 18 and wants to go out and start dating. She is dressed like a whore, Tommy knows what she is up to. He insists that she cannot go out that way, little Roxanne insists that she is a grown up now and can do as she pleases. Tommy has had enough and takes her into his den to have a “chat.” She knows he keeps some pervy bondage stuff in there and no way wants to get in them. He threatens to take her car away, so Roxanne figures he will just lecture her and does what he asks. He binds her tightly in the Humiliator. He notices right away that she is not wearing a bra and panties and begins to caress her tits. He is disgusted at her behavior but turned on that she is such a hot little whore. Still, he must teach her a lesson, what can he do? He decides that she can go out, but first he is going make her cum over and over, in fact he will make her cum so many times that no way she will even think about having sex. Tommy vibrates her tight little pussy and makes her cum hard, again and again. She begs him to stop but he wont, he wants to orgasm her until sex is the last thing on her mind.

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