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MellemFootFetish – Real estate agents ready for anything
MellemFootFetish – Real estate agents ready for anything

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Real estate agents are known for their determination. Ready to do anything to obtain the exclusive mandate for the sale of this private individual's house. The commercial conditions are delivered and the client looks rather indecisive. He expresses his agreement, in exchange for which she must accept to be tickled. After a short reflection, she accepts this perverse game. The deal is simple: get her feet tickled, while being tied up with scotch tape, in exchange for exclusive rights to the sales mandate for several weeks. The game begins slowly, in a rather playful. She laughs a lot and seems to be enjoying herself. As the game progresses, the tickling becomes harder and the accessories more effective. Various brushes are used on the soles of her feet, and oil is also applied, making the tickling unbearable. No longer a pleasure for this woman, she calls a truce. But he decides otherwise, taking advantage of his position to negotiate the terms of the contract. A fierce negotiator, she gives up nothing. How long will she resist?
Length: 12:23
Resolution: 1920x1080


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