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LaylaBondageAddiction – Mia – Tormentum cum penna
LaylaBondageAddiction – Mia – Tormentum cum penna

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A short movie about tickling : Scene 1: Grace home – Bad news Grace is on her bed when she receive a call from his step-brother Louis asking her about the medieval history exam, the bad news is she did not pass. He is astonished as the girl always did every exam during her studies, but this time the reason was the mean history lecturer Mia Marino…she asked about Medieval interrogations methods almost nobody from the students will need for their future career. When Louis hears about „Medieval interrogation methods“, this rings a bell to him. Being an expert of history and also human anatomy, he knows of a rarely applied but very effective method to make Miss Marino change her mind and make his poor step-sister pass her exam: TICKLING – also called „Tormentum cum penna“ (Tickling with the feather). But first of all, Louis needs to make sure Miss Marino is receptive enough for this. He thanks his step-sister for the name of the lecturer and promises to do something about this… Three days long, Louis gathered information on Mia Marino’s residence, her habits anf… her weaknesses…“ Scene 2: Mia’s appartment Mia comes home from university on a late afternoon. She is wearing a bag around her shoulder, a light jacket, a dark top with long sleeves, a blue jeans, vans and lilac short socks. We see her open the front door, walking up the stairs until she reaches her appartment. She enters and the first thing she does is put her bag down, take off her jacket and a relax on her sofa. She very quickly checks her phone and sees the following message from an anonymous sender: „PENNA ACRIOR QUAM FERRUM“ („The pen is mightier than the sword“) (Here some dramatic / shocking sounds could be included to increase suspense). Mia is both positively and negatively surprised by this message. She also understands Latin but does not understand why she received this anonymous message without any context. Anyway, she pours some water from an already opened bottle into a glass and takes a few gulps. But…it doesn’t take 10 seconds and Mia’s eyes get heavier until she needs to put down the glass to rest… Scene 3: Mia’s interrogation We see Mia in a comfortably looking kitchen lying on her back on a wooden table. Poor Mia is lying on this table, on her back, with her arms next to her torso. Her whole body has been secured with strong rope onto the table: her head can rest on a pillow, her upper body, her arms around her upper body and also onto the table, her legs above and below her knees onto the table; her feet (from this point on, she is only wearing her socks; the shoes were removed previously) are bound together with the rope and they can rest on a separate table or on the main table itself if possible – but very important – they are secured onto it so she can’t move them an inch. While she is lying on this table, slowly a hooded person with his face covered is approaching her. It is nobody else but Louis. He places a cloth onto Mia’s nose so she slowly wakes.
Length: 35:32
Resolution: 3840x2160


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