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LaylaBondageAddiction – Grace – Give me your notebook Pt1
LaylaBondageAddiction – Grace – Give me your notebook Pt1

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Grace, a professional dominatrix finds herself in tickling troubles when a client show up and abrubtily handcuffs her to a pole. He wants access to her notebook, where her clients list is stored to blackmail them. to gather or the information he warns the captured Mistress that nobody resisted his 1 hour tickling interrogation. That what is going to happen now: Grace is going to be tickled for one hour straight in two clip of around 30 minutes each. All kind of stuff is going to be implemented to make the tickling unbeareable and break Grace resistance. She is going to be tickled on her feet mostly with some surprise rading at her armpits and tights. Her big toes are going to be tied and her feet spread with thin laces. Tootbrushes and pinwheels will do their dirty job paired with feather and fingers tickling. Feet are going to be oiled to soft the soles. Grace ha so chance
Length: 32:00
Resolution: 1920x1080


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