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LadyScarlet – Pleasure and torment
LadyScarlet – Pleasure and torment

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After the unforgettable dance with you, your little slave falls into a deep sleep. She sleeps so deeply and soundly that she no longer notices her surroundings. She is still naked and sleeps under a blanket. Only her beautiful feet are not covered and are completely visible. Here you can see a few close-ups of her pretty soles and also frontal shots of her toes. Although you have made videos with your slave very often and know her very well, you don't know if she has ticklish feet. You finally want to find out. While she is sleeping and sometimes snoring loudly, you go to her bedroom. The sound of your footsteps suddenly wakes up your dance partner. She is happy to see you. You ask her: "Did you sleep well, my slave? Did you have sweet dreams?" She answers you, "I think I'm still dreaming. (Then you both laugh.) Continuing, she says, "You made me a happy person. I will never forget how we danced together. You say, 'I'm glad you liked it.' I'll make you even happier." [Here you play the song* I linked you to] You stroke her bare feet and touch each toe. Your dance partner relaxes again and slowly closes her eyes. She starts masturbating until she gets really horny and orgasms. She falls into a catatonic state of pleasure and lies back. While her feet are gently touched and lovingly caressed, your dance partner seems extremely relaxed and seems to enjoy the whole thing very much. With closed eyes and a broad grin, she says, "This feels very good. I could lie here all day. Thank you, Mistress." But then suddenly everything changes. You start tickling her feet. Your dance partner is visibly startled and asks you, "What are you doing with my feet? Why are you tickling me? Stop it!" You reply, "I wanted to know if your feet were ticklish. Now I finally want to find out." She is helpless and trapped naked in bed under the covers. As you continue to tickle her, she squirms and giggles all the while. She begs you to stop. After a few minutes, the spook is over. She says, "What a horny dream. I never want to wake up again." Then she closes her eyes and goes back to sleep.
Length: 10:44
Resolution: 1920x1080


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