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ItaliansTickling – What goes around comes around
ItaliansTickling – What goes around comes around

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It's been a while since Bianca lent herself as a slave and so I think this is the right day to get her back into the role that she does best. We already know how much Bianca is tickling but we don't know how good Valeria is at it and so we'll see. When I contacted Valeria I had to promise her that I would also give her the chance to be a tickler and it excited her a lot since she knew who the other girl would be. Now Valeria has the chance to take revenge and I must say that she does it very well, perhaps because she really does it with pleasure and enjoyment or maybe because poor Bianca is really the perfect victim. Enjoy your video.
Length: 14:55
Resolution: 1920x1080


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