FTKL’sFootTicklingFantasies – Ticklish Mission Mishap! Pt. 74 Toe-Tickle Tie-Breaker!
FTKL’sFootTicklingFantasies – Ticklish Mission Mishap! Pt. 74 Toe-Tickle Tie-Breaker!

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TWO OF OUR MOST TICKLISH, SIDE-BY-SIDE! Agent O. (Nicole Oring) and Agent J. (Alexa J.) are competition to be chosen for a career-making mission! Problem is both of them have identical scores in all of their tests! Their tester, Ian Fixx decides to pit them in a hand to hand fight against each other and even that ends in a draw! Only one of them can be chosen for the mission, so Ian pits them against each other, in the ultimate tie-breaker ... a test to see which of them can withstand having her feet tickled the longest! Neither of them is excited about it, as they cringe with anticipation, in the double stocks. The first to say the safe word loses. Both fiercely competitive agents howl and shriek in hysterical fits! Their long, nimble toes wriggle and writhe and struggle helplessly, cackling and guffawing, as each urges Ian to tickle the other! Fingernails, feathers, brushes and other tickle implements keep each sexy agent on the edge of her seat ... and sanity! As Ian focuses on one, the other attempts to get into her competitor's head and make her say the safe word! It's a fierce foot-tickling contest between two of our most ticklish girls! Who will win ... well, other than you, for buying it, that is? Find out now
Length: 26:13
Resolution: 1920x1080


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