FTKL’sFootTicklingFantasies – Special Investigation Interrogation!
FTKL’sFootTicklingFantasies – Special Investigation Interrogation!

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Special investigators Sablique and Slyyy think they've stumbled onto a case when they find a house full of bondage equipment, but little do they know it's only a studio for a fetish producer! The producer captures them, thinking they've been sent by a rival studio to spy on him. Soon, the ladies are locked into the mini-stocks and it's a double case of mistaken identity that leads to hysterical laughter! Sablique and Slyyy's shoes and socks are removed and they're big, helpless feet are mercilessly tickled! Shrieking, cackling and accusations fill the room as the foot-tickled duo try to interrogate the producer, while they themselves are being interrogated! Can a resolution be found before the special detectives are tickled to insanity? Find out now, in this crime drama parody!
Length: 18:11
Resolution: 1920x1080


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