FTKL’sFootTicklingFantasies – Mission Hysterical! Armed with Laughter!
FTKL’sFootTicklingFantasies – Mission Hysterical! Armed with Laughter!

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Agent Ama has to retrieve some stolen items from a safe, but she doesn't know the combination. However, there are supposed to be enemy agents on the site that do know it. One of them, Sheena, ambushes Ama and subdues her, so that she can retrieve the items herself, but a third agent, Kandy, intervenes. Kandy and Sheena fight! Punches, toe-stomps and low-blows are exchanged, til Sheena puts Kandy in a scissor hold. Ama recovers just as Sheena has Kandy defeated, so she decides to help Kandy by removing Sheena's boot and tickling her bare foot! Sheena yowls and shrieks with helpless laughter as her grip on Kandy diminishes! "My Hungarian sausages!" she howls as her tender tootsies squirm beneath Ama's fingernails! Sheena is so distracted that Kandy manages to subdue her as she laughs helplessly. But, as she thanks Ama for her help, Ama whacks her with a frying pan, then ties both ladies up. One or both of these enemy agents knows the combination to the safe. Ama decides to tickle them both! Kandy and Sheena cackle away, in foot-flailing, toe-squirming fits of hysterics as Ama goes to town on their stocked feet! Each tries to get Ama to focus on the other, but Ama is on to their game! Ama could never beat either one of these buff, bad-ass ladies, but their unbearably ticklish feet give her all the advantage she needs! Which one will surrender the combination? Find out now!
Length: 18:29
Resolution: 1920x1080


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