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FrenchTickling – The Neighbor Captured The Ultra Ticklish Maid Sindy
FrenchTickling – The Neighbor Captured The Ultra Ticklish Maid Sindy

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A tickle fetishist monitors his new neighbors apartment since a few months because they have hired a new maid who is very sexy. Effectively every tuesday the woman comes during one hour to do the housework and the fetishist noticed that she always wears sexy black heels with white socks. This is exactly what he loves and he dreams of tickling her and especially her feet. It's decided today that he will capture her to make his tickling fantasies come true. He managed to get a special product to put her to rest and he is now ready to take action. He sneaks into the apartment and immobilize her on a table after putting her to rest. Then he woke her up and this is the beginning of a very long tickle actions on her upperbody, socked feet and bare feet. During the first half of the video Sindy is immobilized on her back then for the second half she is immobilized face down. The guy is really lucky because the maid is as ticklish as he dreamed and all her most sensitive spots are tickled till she goes nuts. He pushes her to her ticklish limits because he knows that this is the chance of her life and he really drives her out of control.
Length: 29:23
Resolution: 1280x720


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