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Fettish – Tickled in Steel – Summer Vixen
Fettish – Tickled in Steel – Summer Vixen

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I've always got my mind rolling how to make things worse for my guests.ive been accused of being a sadist, believe it or not. Crazy, right? This is an entirely new setup, where the girls will be locked to the floor by steels bars, holding everything open and in place. Anything is a target. Feet, inner thighs, ribs, belly, underarms. Name it. Summer Vixen is my first visitor since I finished up, so I immediately locked her into it and went about work ...yes work! Clad in a bikini, I start at her feet and work my way up, missing nothing. The upper body crowd doesn't get enough love, so I think this isg oing to be a VERY popular series...
Length: 9:48
Resolution: 1440x808


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