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Fettish – Tickled In Steel – Aries
Fettish – Tickled In Steel – Aries

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Aries gets it good in this wonderful floor setup. Move your arms and the bars hurt, so you’re made to hold your own body still in the steel while someone tickles the snot out of you? My upperbody-loving brain keysmashed all over the floor. Just thirty seconds into this video and I was a mess. Don’t you foot loves worry though, Derek gets those good as well, including a beautiful sock reveal for you! (Time stamps for both, I can’t see them on mobile) Aries is so, so ticklish. It’s unreal. Derek doesn’t even have to touch her, all he needs to do is show her what’s about to happen and she bursts into laughter, it’s amazing. And Derek knows just what to do to make her shriek. At one point he puts the toothbrush in her OWN hand and tapes it in place so she’s tickling herself, and I’m pretty sure the look on my face resembled the “the WHAT” meme the entire time. TTC - Time To Cum - (thigh shot, I can’t see the time on mobile) My God. By the end of this clip you can tell Aries is nearing tears, and it is beautiful to listen to and watch. She’s growling at him and he’s either ignoring her or laughing at her, and my switchy brain couldn’t decide where to land; it was glorious. Highly recommend! Bee kinky, Bee kind, Honey Kinkade
Length: 16:19
Resolution: 1920x1080


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