Fettish – The Tickle Table Vengeance – Elara and Charmie
Fettish – The Tickle Table Vengeance – Elara and Charmie

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Originally I had reached out to Elara to see if she was interested in a shoot. Being new, she asked if she could bring her real life friend Charmie along. Hey more the merrier right? After all, the only thing better than one girl tickled is two girls tickled....yeah? Before getting here I get the dreaded message, 'So, we see we get to get you back right? We looked at your content.' Oh good. They looked. Like an idiot, and the series does sell well - I said yeah....fine. You can get me back. Boy was that not fun. Their nails were bad enough to look at, but the excitement as they strapped me in was nerve wracking! Their attack as you'll see is relentless - nails, nails, and more nails. And not just ten. Twenty. The entire duration with very little reprieve. I'm not sure who had a worse day, myself or them!
Length: 15:35
Resolution: 1920x1080


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