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Fettish – Interrogation – Carmen Valentina
Fettish – Interrogation – Carmen Valentina

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I think I’ve nailed down how I want to do this series! Still, subject to change - anyway! Poor VERY ticklish Carmen Valentina is told she’s about to be interrogated. Lashed to my bench press machine with leather straps, and encased in a straight jacket (i was a real prick and attached the arms around the BACK of the bench holding her up) - I break out my deck of cards. I keep things real here, you know this! So, like any actual interrogation, the interrogator is going to naturally go ahead with the initial punishment. No one is going to listen, even if they immediately give up their information! No no...doesn’t work like that. I show you the viewer, the selected card. Then I show our ....willing um...participant. Yes thats what we’ll call them! Theyre told to memorize it and not tell me. I hit a timer for five minutes and its in their interest to be truthful. Or not. If I’ve successfully extracted the information within the time limit, there is one result. If I’ve failed, there is another result. I can’t say which because well, I don’t need future girls knowing what happens and ruining my techniques, do I? How do you think beautiful Carmen fared...?
Length: 12:40
Resolution: 1920x1080


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