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ClickChix – Bitch Stole My Promotion!
ClickChix – Bitch Stole My Promotion!

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Amo Morbia is extremely pissed off that her promotion was given to the new girl at the office, Candace Leilani a gorgeous Playboy model. She feels Candace only got the position because of her stunning good looks and slutty behavior and feels its time to teach this newbie a lesson! She blind folds her, ties her to a chair and begins to lecture Candace as to why she's upset. But when Candace appears less than apologetic Amo breaks into a fit of anger and begins her relentless attack, and by relentless we mean TICKLE ATTACK!! Candace is extremely ticklish, and cant help but laugh and curse as Amo tickles her sensitive cute feet. Amo pulls out all the stops, with the hair brush, and tools to drive Candace into fits of laughter and rage. When she moves to her upper body, and tickles her armpits and sides poor Candice cant help herself but laugh and almost lose control! Will Candace give up the promotion to Amo? Find out in this fun and curse word filled tickle attack!
Duration: 6:01.094
Size: 443,444 Mb


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