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Bondagio – Tickled girls peeing themselves on stream
Bondagio – Tickled girls peeing themselves on stream

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Stacy and Ofelia had an epic night at a party, and now they're in a desperate situation. They wanted to pee so badly, that the rushed home as fast as the can. But he keys to their home are lost, and they can't get in. Just when they think their night can't get any worse, their neighbors Patty and Sonya come to their rescue. But these neighbors have a twisted sense of humor, and their offer of help turns out to be anything but helpful. In an attempt to entertain themselves, Patty and Sonya tie Stacy and Ofelia up, stretching them out naked. They use the cross and a bench for that. Hands secured above the head, exposing ribs and armpits. Legs tied as well, but speeded wide apart, letting us to see their pussies clearly. What follows is a hilarious and cringe-worthy situation, as they start tickling the girls mercilessly. They already have everything they need: long, sharp nails, an electric toothbrush, feathers, variant brushes, etc. They were ready for this moment. The girls, desperate to pee, lose all control and wet themselves in front of their neighbors, who are streaming the whole ordeal on social media. Girls doesn’t stop on that, they continue to tickle feet and ribs, adding oil if needed, to increase the sensitivity. Everyone is laughing hysterically, but not everyone is having fun. Ofelia and Stacy are questioning the neighbors' sanity, begging for mercy and threatening them, peeing again and again...
Length: 27:09
Resolution: 1920x1080


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